Grief Journey

 Losing someone you care about can be one of life's most difficult experiences. There are no easy answers when trying to help a bereaved family come to terms with their loss. Every situation is unique and people react in very different ways.

At George Brooke Ltd, we believe we have an important responsibility to care for our families, not just by offering support during the funeral, but especially through the difficult days that may follow.

A booklet, 'Now What?' is written by Dr. Bill Webster (Pictured below with Helen Wilson and Judith Brooke) who is a grief counsellor who understands grief not just in theory, but from his own personal experiences.

Dr. Webster highlights many different aspects involved in coping with bereavement. We trust his booklet will help you realise that the difficult times you may experience and the emotions you face are natural, and that your grief is natural.

 Dr Bill Webster has a website entitled Grief Journey and is very useful to all those suffering a sad loss. There are many links and resources that you may wish to look through, that may help you through this difficult time.


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