Costs and Charges

In all aspects of the funeral arrangements, our staff will point out the procedures and legal requirements.

Whilst arranging the funeral, we will advise on costs and charges to be incurred, culminating in a full written estimate that should be agreed and signed so that you feel confident with the funeral commitment you have arranged

The funeral account itself is divided into two separate parts, the Funeral Directors Charges and the disbursements. These contain our professional fees and overhead costs, which include the provision of a 24 hour a day on-call rota, our professional services in making the funeral arrangements and arranging documentation and necessary personal attendances, the conveyance of the deceased to our private chapel rest rooms and the use of the same until the day of the funeral. Relatives and friends often wish to visit the deceased and pay their last respects before the day of the funeral. This can be arranged through our offices. Hygienic treatment and attendances to the deceased are also considered to be very important by our company The last time you saw a loved one may have been a distressing memory perhaps in hospital or for the purposes of identification.


The hearse for the funeral with chauffeur and sufficient bearers is also an essential part of our service to you, especially when your family’s request is to go into church or place of worship. Limousines are charged for separately this ensures that the family is not charged for something they may not need or want. The charge for the limousines is fully inclusive to cover transport from the address at which your family requires to be picked up, through to your return to the final destination, within a limited distance. Each limousine is chauffeur driven and will normally carry up to six mourners.


Disbursements are essentially fees that we pay out on behalf of the family ie Doctor’s Fees where appropriate, Crematorium/Cemetery Fees and Parochial Fees etc. Our written estimate will detail the approximate cost of any disbursements. However, you will appreciate that we will have no direct control over these charges, and they could therefore be subject to slight variations. These costs can then be settled by one single payment, rather than by many different bills to be settled by the estate.

Doctors Fee or Cremation Forms

No one can be cremated until the cause of death is definitely known. There are two cremation certificates (forms B & C). A different doctor must sign each. These certificates must be paid for and listed under disbursements on our estimate and account. The cremation certificates are not required when the death is referred to the coroner.


No one can be cremated until the cause of death is definitely known. There are certain forms that you will be required to sign. Local authorities govern the cost of the crematoria. Arrangements may be made for erecting a plaque but there could be a charge. We can enquire for you.


There will normally be a request for a pre-arranged grave space in a churchyard or cemetery. The Church of England has set fees for burials of which we will advise you. The costs may be higher for the burial of someone who lived outside the parish. Many churchyards are no longer open for burials because there is no space left. If a space has been paid for in a cemetery there will be a deed of grant. Either local authorities or private companies own most non-denominated cemeteries, so fees may vary.


The beauty of flowers expresses your personal remembrance and brings comfort to the bereaved.


If donations to charity are requested in lieu of flowers, we will accept and list donations on your behalf and forward them in due course to a charity of your choice.


At the time of making funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to realise the emotional benefit that is gained after the funeral by having somewhere to go - a place where you and your family can go back to, knowing that a loved one is there. It has only recently been acknowledged that simply having a relative’s cremated remains scattered or buried in a garden of remembrance does not assist the healing process after the funeral. Today most cemeteries and crematoria that are administered by local councils offer the facilities of small graves, which can be purchased, solely for cremated remains. You could mark the grave with a small memorial vase or flat stone that your family could visit to show their respect.



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